About Us

Laura Carter

I really enjoy working with the youngsters. I start slow with ground work and free lunging.  Then a bit of ground driving. Also they get ponied off other horses wearing the tack.  Then I ease into the saddle and soon enough I'm doing little trail rides around the farm.  Biscuit is my  main ride at the moment and he's now coming 5.  He  just started cantering his first small jump lines and learning his first "big boy" dressage moves.  Go Biscuit!

I currently receive regular coaching from Kelly Eaton, Adam Lastowka, and Emily Sorenson.  They are all super amazing!

Delight Willing

Delight's parents knew she was destined for a life spent riding horses when, at an early age, she saddled her up and taught the family cow to jump!  She's competed in dressage up to the Prix St. Georges level while also running a small breeding program focused on producing dressage candidates with exceptional movement and temperament.  Currently, Delight's top mare is MS Chaieka who was the Reserve National Champion in her year of approval.

Among many excellent siblings,  Chaieka has two approved brothers-Meisterwind and Dante, who was the 100 day champion in 2005.